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Why “Art of Alexandria,” and not just Alexandria Anderson?

I think there’s a lot to be said about a single person, and since I’m happy to represent all of the facets of myself- I feel giving special recognition and also creating a very helpful delineation of my foremost profession was worth doing.  I have sung in a Barbershop performance on a cruise to Alaska, done anthropological and language studies in Puerto Rico, Italy, and Japan, and work in more mediums than I care to count anymore to not have to explain to a few folks that I’m actually predominantly an artist for a living—not a crazy, country-hopping girl that escaped from a renaissance festival with an obsession drawing pointy ears on EVERYTHING.

There are an unquantifiable number of things that inspire me – most notably anatomy, nature, sci-fi and fantasy. By incorporating baroque, the sinuous organic line and movement of art nouveau, a kind of enchanted elegance is created that portrays these concepts of scientific truth and imagining the supernatural counterparts to the natural is what breathes life into all my work.

I love reading and have finally begun writing my own personal works that I hope to publish in the near future.  I attended Sheridan College, The Art Institute of Toronto, and the Columbus College of Art & Design (a total of about 7 years of college) studying animation and illustration.  I hope to one day bring my stories and artwork together to create children’s books, illustrated novels, and *fingers crossed* an animated series. 

In the meantime, I’m enjoying illustrating a top secret children’s book commission slated to be published (hopefully) by next fall, and live happily and comfortably with my boyfriend John and many pets.  Thanks for reading and keep happy and healthy my friends.

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Have a question, comment, interest in a commission *wink wink* or something of the like?  Feel free to
 contact me via email at artist.ally@gmail.com.  I'm always happy to meet new folks.

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